ISO27001 Certification – An ultimate 2020 Achievement

We are both pleased and proud to announce that on the 14th December 2020, DNS.Business was notified that it qualified for ISO27001 certification. DNS.Business received this notification from Sancert, the ISO27001 auditor, that they were satisfied with the audit results and that they will submit the audit results for formal ISO27001 certification.  ISO27001 pertains to … Continue reading ISO27001 Certification – An ultimate 2020 Achievement

Domain Disputes Explained

A domain name dispute is a conflict that arises when more than one individual or group believes they have the right to register a specific domain name. Most commonly a domain name dispute would occur when a domain name similar to a registered trademark is registered by an individual or organisation who is not the … Continue reading Domain Disputes Explained

.ZA – The Official South African Domain

.za is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for South Africa as maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The letter combination is based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two letter country codes as part of the part of the ISO 3166 standard. The .za namespace is managed and regulated by the ECT … Continue reading .ZA – The Official South African Domain

Tips for finding the Perfect Domain for your Business

Choosing the ultimate domain name for your business can become a tedious and time consuming task, but it doesn't have to be. Herewith, a few simple guidelines to ensure your domain name properly represents everything your business stands for, enough information for people to know what your site is about, however not giving away too … Continue reading Tips for finding the Perfect Domain for your Business

AC.ZA goes live on the Gateway SRS

Possibly the first second-level domain created in South Africa, AC.ZA provides a unique Internet domain name space for use by higher education institutions, learned societies and associated research and support institutions that are domiciled in the Republic of South Africa. Education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development, as confirmed by Nelson … Continue reading AC.ZA goes live on the Gateway SRS


ICANN65 was held at the Palmeraie Conference Center Marrakech. Two representatives from DNS were in attendance - Sasha Dinculescu and Calvin Browne. The 4 day event marked the 2019 ICANN Policy Forum which is typically dedicated to policy development work of the Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees (SO/ACs), and regional outreach activities. Internet policy is … Continue reading DNS at ICANN65!