The Asante Promotion is a bi-annual sale for the ONLY 4 African geographic Top Level Domain names (gTLDs) on the continent. These bi-annual sales are applicable for the dotAfrica (.africa) ; dotCapetown (.capetown); dotJoburg (.joburg) and dotDurban (.durban) gTLDs.

All 4 gTLDs are available on DNS Gateway’s Reseller Portal. Prices are as follows:

.africa – $7.25
.capetown – $4.75
.durban – $4.75
.joburg – $4.75

To participate, simply register domains between NOW and the 30th September 2019 using your Gateway Account.

Why register an African gTLD?

.africa is for organisations, businesses and individuals who embrace the optimism, resilience, ingenuity and dynamism of their Continent, Africa. The benefits of owning this prime domain include, showcasing your brand and it’s commitment to connecting the African continent to the rest of the world and giving you the edge to forge your own unique online identity alongside people with the same background and ideals as you.

DotCities Domains (.capetown, .joburg, .durban) help to distinguish your organisation in the major cities of South Africa and around the world by pinpointing its’ location, thereby increasing SEO as your brand reassures customers of where you are based from the get-go. This allows locally relevant products, services and content to be found by prospective customers quicker and more efficiently.

Take this 50% OFF opportunity to get connected to .Africa and your .Cities today!

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