RDAP has gone live for DNS

What is RDAP? Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) is the successor to the ageing WHOIS protocol, like WHOIS, RDAP provides access to information about internet resources: domain names, autonomous systems and IP addresses, although does so using a fundamentally different approach in order to account for the shortcomings of the traditional WHOIS protocol. RDAP is … Continue reading RDAP has gone live for DNS

The Asante 50% SALE is live!

The Asante Promotion is a bi-annual sale for the ONLY 4 African geographic Top Level Domain names (gTLDs) on the continent. These bi-annual sales are applicable for the dotAfrica (.africa) ; dotCapetown (.capetown); dotJoburg (.joburg) and dotDurban (.durban) gTLDs. All 4 gTLDs are available on DNS Gateway's Reseller Portal. Prices are as follows: .africa - … Continue reading The Asante 50% SALE is live!