For over 6 years running, the African Internet Summit (AIS) has been described as the “peak” multi-stakeholder, educational & business ICT summit in Africa. Key-players in the internet industry get together to interact with the global internet community and share ICT knowledge, market updates and new and upcoming business ideas within the African region.

Although we (the DNS Team) have attended AIS before, this year we will be sharing our experience through launching our very own reseller product in the African Market, Gateway, as well as introducing our new user-friendly end-user based platform, TopDog.

We will also be hosting a product demo of Gateway and showcasing hints of our TopDog app for the very first time.

We will be attending the AfTLD ccTLD Marketing Workshop during AIS 2019 from the 17th-21st June 2019 in Uganda, Kampala. During the week, representatives, David Peall and Kilana Chohan will be participating in various Panel discussions and presentations.

For more information on AIS and to attend remotely please click here.

To follow our AIS 2019 journey, please follow our social media pages for daily updates and stay tuned to our blog for write-up during and after the summit!

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