Online shopping has become an everyday occurrence for many consumers and if you are an entrepreneur or running a startup, you’ll want your own website and unique domain name in order to take advantage of this growing phenomenon. Its time you get your piece of the pie.

Whether you’re aiming to be the next Alibaba or you want to pioneer something completely unique, the online space is clearly where it is all happening. No matter how good you think your products and services are, this won’t always get you through the door. You must also focus on being seen and heard. Apart from optimising the SEO and UX design of your website, what matters most is your unique brand name and the domain name extension you choose to register it in.

Are domain names that important?

Believe it or not, YES! The right domain names enhance your overall brand value by providing the public with a unique online identity and point of contact for your products and services. With the right domain name, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and make a meaningful and lasting impression in the market, and your product will be that much easier for your customers to find! You just need to take the first exploratory steps into the digital world by securing your very own unique domain name and DNS is here to make this possible.

137 TLDs on Sale until 1 July 2019

  • .coffee
  • .delivery
  • .events
  • .fitness
  • .photography
  • .restaurant
  • .run
  • .tours
  • .wine
  • .world

To see the full list of domains on sale, login to your portal account.

This promotion excludes Premium and Reserved names and the renewal will continue at the normal rate.

How to secure your personalised domain name

You can take advantage of these unbelievable low prices by registering your own domain name with one of our existing Gateway Reseller partners, or to become a Gateway partner yourself, you simply need to signup for a free account on our Gateway portal.

Make sure you have:

  • Accepted the legal stuff
  • Requested live credentials
  • Topped up your account (no minimum balance required)
  • If you have any questions or need more info, contact us here.

Need more help?

You’re still not sure how to go about it? Check out this article for tips on picking the perfect domain or speak to one of our customer support representatives via our chat feature on any of our DNS Business websites.

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